Dear Friends,


Welcome to the blog of the Globetrotter Kin! We are the 3K family- Kelvin (daddy), Kimberly (mommy) and Karson (son). Ever since mommy and daddy have been together, they have already set a goal to travel around the globe to create memorable experiences.


Being city dwellers, mommy and daddy both have their separate roles every day to maintain our household. However, whenever they have time, even if it just two days, they would find a way to escape this city together.


Living a city life is not easy, especially if you are living in Hong Kong, such a fast-paced and dynamic metropolis. We just have to find our way to channel all the stress and pressure coming from the environment to elsewhere. Hence, we try our best to enjoy every moment together to explore the world and build happy memories.


Even though a lot of the times we would make spontaneous trips, we still try our best to ensure that every moment is well spent. Besides capturing the moments, we spend a great deal of time understanding the history, heritage and culture of the locals. At the same time, we would treat ourselves to delicious local cuisines and crazy adventures. Do stay tuned for our updates.


Through this blog, we hope that we can keep track of all the important pieces of our experiences while sharing our fun and excitement with our friends. Travelling to us is not just relaxation; it is our passion and our life goal!


Globetrotter Kin