Hi, I am Kim!  I am Karson’s “mami”.


The two things that I love doing most in this world is eating strawberry ice-cream and travelling.


My passion for travelling sprouted at a very young age, as my parents, especially my father, enjoyed bringing us to visit different places whenever he had the time to.  However, it didn’t turn into a hobby until I met Kelvin.


Despite the fact that we were university schoolmates, we didn’t date until I finished my final year. Nonetheless, I remember going to Taiwan with him for our graduation trip, and it was there when all the magic happened. Not only did we fall in love with each other, we also fell in love with travelling together. From then on, we have managed to travel whenever we have time.


So far, we have left our footprints in almost all the major countries in Asia. I was brought up in the east coast of Canada, so I have actually travelled to most of the major cities in North America. We have just started exploring Europe. Hopefully, we will be able to explore the rest of the world bit by bit to create more memories together.