Young Kids Remember Moments

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

“It is fact to be told that younger kids usually remember the moments, not the places.”

Our son did not remember the sights along the coastal highway down Southern Taiwan like the rest of us did, but he had a lasting memory of feeding the deer and in return being kissed by one. He did not remember visiting Kenting as well, but remembered the picture he took with a smiling Beluga Whale at the aquarium. Neither did he remember the pristine waters and beaches of Saipan, but he did remember the "angel" dog, which accompanied us into the old Japanese lighthouse until we left.

It transpired to us that even though we often set out to travel for ourselves, it is important to bring our child along too for the traveling experience to him as a whole even if it is only the "ordinary" moments that he remembers. The "ordinary" moments may just become the basis from which he develops his values and beliefs.


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